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Unexpected Journey challenge: Pack, Cloak: 'Moving On': Kortirion

Title: Moving On – a set of three drabbles
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Young Aragorn & Young Halbarad
Rating: G …even a touch on the ‘sweet’ side!
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: To Tolkien belongs the characters and their world, to Kortirion, this tiny chip of their story.
Notes: For Hangover, then Pack and Cloak – still being in the mindset of the previous series, I carry on…

Moving On

After the little embarrassment of being discovered in the same bed, Aragorn had recovered from his cold and Halbarad had recovered his dignity… not that there ever had been a great deal, his elder brothers and younger sisters had seen to that.

Though it served to remind him how lonely a bed-for-one felt – he liked another body there, a hangover from his childhood… his bed had always been shared with siblings. On cold nights they’d huddle like pups in a basket… and always there was warm breath and soft snores to drive away night-terrors. Halbarad sighed… growing-up had certain disadvantages.

Moving Up

They were to join a patrol, a long march heading first for Bree, then north and west along the Baranduin towards Lake Nenuial – there were trades to be made there and information gathered along the way. Aragorn looked at what he thought he needed laid out on his bed… realising he’d never get it all into a single pack.

Halbarad had less trouble; a large family meant fewer individual possessions. He looked across:

“You won’t need that many shirts” he observed, “Or socks.”

“No? But how will I keep clean?” frowned Aragorn.

He didn’t understand why Halbarad laughed out loud.

Moving Over

They were several nights away from the Angle, each one spent rolled in his own cloak, near, but not touching. The elder rangers showed them how to make bivouac-beds from brush, cushioning them from the cold ground, how laying on your blanket had greater benefit than putting it over you – but it was still cold.

This night they took the watch together, sitting back-to-back to scan all directions. Eyelids drooped easily, but after midnight, an old ranger relieved them.

“Roll yourselves up together in yon cloaks, you’ll feel better for warm sleep - and bedamned to those as say different!
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