kelllie (kelllie) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the DUST Challenge

Title: In Rivendell
Author: Kelllie
Word count: 100
Character: Sam
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, etc.
Author's Notes: I was trying to clean house today, and it was a glorious day outside, ergo this drabble...


They were always in motion, as if days were running short and there were too many forests left to wander, songs to sing, and stories to weave.

He never actually saw any of them lift a hand to clean. And truth be told… it showed.
But it didn’t seem to matter. The world outside beckoned with a sun-in-your-eyes, wind-in-your-hair insistence. The very clouds whispered, cherish this day for it will not come again.

Yes… things were different here.

And as he shyly peeked under the bed…

Sam understood why even Elves had dust bunnies.
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