girl talk (22by7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
girl talk

response for 'dust' challenge

Title: house of dust
Author: tolkien 22by7
Characters/Pairing: a bunch of tragic gondorians
Rating: gee
Warnings: no punctuation
Book/Source: lotr
Disclaimer: everything belongs to 22by7 tolkien.

morning sleepish wakes when she falls at last asleep you were not to have known not so soon not like this not with those eyes fastened on you with no love nor recognition too late now

you return from a silence of many voices to your own silence smaller and colder and more bearable somehow the wind sweeps dust and leaves in through the window and you think you are alone

but you are wrong and he puts his arms around you his arms that could hold a world and you close your eyes and let yourself be gently held

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