StarSpray (silverstarspray) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Grass Challenge: Pasture - Wild Horses

Title: Wild Horses
Author: SilverStarSpray
Characters/Pairing: Lúthien, Daeron, Beleg
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Tolkien's the genius, not me.

They clung to the branches of a tree at the edge of the forest, gazing over the wide pasture land that stretched out before them, beneath a blanket of silver stars. “What are they doing?” Daeron whispered, face half-hidden by the shadowy leaves.

Lúthien watched Beleg approach a wild horse slowly, hands outstretched. They were too far away to hear it, but Lúthien knew he was singing a quiet song to calm the stomping animal. “Taming the horses,” she said.

“But why?”

“To ride them, of course, like Araw. To the Falas and the Ered Luin with messages and trade.”
Tags: author: silverstarspray, challenge: grass; pasture, character: beren, character: lúthien
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