White Lady Eowyn (whiteladyeowyn) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
White Lady Eowyn

Grass Challenge - Field - "The Field Where I Died"

Title: "The Field Where I Died"
Challenge - "Grass" - "Field"
Author: whiteladyeowyn
Characters: Eowyn, Theoden (in thought)
Rating: G
Warnings: Implied character death
Book-verse, "Return of the King".
Disclaimer: These are Tolkien's toys, I play with them gently and put them back when I am done with them.

*With credit given to Glen Morgan and James Wong for the inspiration as well*

We came upon the field with the rising of the Sun. Realizing the enemy's might and number, many of us realized we would never again see the Dawn. In the midst of the battle, I knew I would find you here, among the others. If you had seen me, you would have tried to protect me, but instead you died not knowing I was near. I could see you, in my heart, as your life slipped away. This is the field where I watched you die. I cried for you. I can only hope to die in honor with you.
Tags: author: whiteladyeowyn, challenge: grass: field, character: eowyn
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