L'Ignota (lignota) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Communication Challenge: Speech - To the Ends of the Earth

Title: To the Ends of the Earth
Author: Zdenka
Characters/Pairing: Celegorm, OC
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: Silm
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is not mine and I make no profit therefrom.

(And trying to catch up.)

She can never recall the exact words of Fëanor’s speech, only that it rouses her blood like a trumpet call. Feredwen has followed her lord Celegorm to the hunt, but now she will follow him further, through those unbounded new lands.

Fëanor and his sons are descending the hill, gathering their own people about them in the torchlight. Feredwen pushes her way through the crowd to Celegorm’s side.

“My lord,” she says, her face exultant, “my lord, I am with you.” He laughs and grips her shoulder in passing. She is not the only one to fall in behind him.
Tags: author: zdenka, character: oc
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