Ysilme (ysilme) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Communication challenge: Mind Reading - Sea-longing

Title: Sea-longing
Author: Winterwitch  
Characters: Elladan, Elrohir, Legolas
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LotR (loosely)
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth belongs to Tolkien, I'm just playing a bit with it for fun.
Note: Many thanks to shadowycat for looking this over! All remaining faults are my own.

As soon as they saw Legolas in Minas Tirith, they knew. He had never spoken about it since that day during the War of the Ring, when he had first heard the cries of the gulls. But the sea-longing had been evident in his eyes ever since.

Now, with their brother gone, the longing had grown too strong to resist.

When he came to Imladris to say farewell, they didn't even need to look at each other. They hadn't spoken about it since their father sailed, but now, no talk was necessary. Speaking as one, they asked: “Can we come?”

Tags: author: ysilme, character: elladan, character: elrohir, character: legolas
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